Rozenoir eSports was first established as team Prime Legion LoL in early April of 2015 with our owner Yuuji as Team captain. But as time passed, We underwent a rebranding as Rozenoir in early August. Yuuji stepped down as Team Captain and became owner.

Rozenoir eSports began as a small group of people that had one goal: We wanted to better our gaming. Through striving towards that goal we’ve met more like minded people, built lasting friendships, and eventually grew into an official community. As time passed, that community became an organization, strengthened by the challenges we’ve faced.

Today, we are proud of our accomplishments, our teams, and our members. Every single person in our organization has played a part in defining who we are and what we stand for. Our aim is to apply our resources to the strengthening of our teams and partnerships, while maintaining a family feel within the organization.

Our dream for the future is to become a foundational platform to nurture amateur and aspiring professional gamers into achieving their goals. Regardless of current skill, we believe in the potential of driven, passionate people. We offer competitive opportunities for all our members, and we pledge to support and invest in the growth of our teams. We want to be that little push that takes dreams into reality.