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  • Sun 17th Nov 2019 - 11:19am

    Avast antivirus is a great package that has been keeping user’s computers virus-free since its release back in 1995. It offers excellent levels of security and even has a free-to-use version for those wanting basic antivirus protection. That being said, every once in a while, users will have to disable Avast because it deems your favorite website or software installation unsafe and risky. It happens many times, that antivirus protection has blocked installation of new application or drivers. Since antivirus don’t allow installations that have an unknown source and sometimes report them as a threat. Therefore while installing some software you need to disable your current antivirus temporarily. This article for avast users. We are going to discuss how to disable Avast on Windows or Mac.  

    Disable Avast antivirus on Mac

    Mac users can follow these steps to disable Avast antivirus:

    • Go to search box and type Avast Security. Open it.
    • Go to preferences.
    • From the three types of shields (File system shield, Mail shield and web shield), select and disable the shield you want. Enter the administrator password to disable Avast on Mac.
    • Turn on Avast from preferences and click on Enable. 

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