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  • Thu 27th Feb 2020 - 5:03am

    When it comes to streaming videos online, YouTube needs no introduction. YouTube is used by over a billion users worldwide. The most interesting thing about YouTube is that you can view videos on YouTube for free, you just need to have a proper internet connection. Recently, most of the online forums were flooding with questions regarding how to play YouTube in the background iPhone.

    Among the users of YouTube, there are a lot of iPhone users. If you are one such user of the iPhone searching for the answer to his question, this article is for you. Users are unable to play videos in the background even when they are playing something that they want to listen. For the users of the YouTube Premium, this feature is available but not for the free version of YouTube. Here, we will discuss the steps to help you play YouTube videos in such a way that it will not be stopped even when YouTube is running in the background.

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