TopicHow to Install Kaspersky Total Security with Activation Code?

  • Fri 3rd Apr 2020 - 10:15am

    The well-known and widely used anti-virus software Kaspersky Total Security provides you with comprehensive protection against various dangerous viruses, and malware, including phishing, adware, crypto-blockers, and trojans.

    Among other things, Kaspersky Total Security:

    1. Protect your system and files, protect personal statistics when you are busy online.
    2. Scans your computer or certain files, folders or disks to detect and remove viruses, if any.
    3. Disinfects and removes various items that may be infected.
    4. Eliminate ads and unused applications that reduce the speed and overall performance of your computer system.

    Therefore, install Kaspersky Total Security with an activation code.

    Know how to do it.

    But what is an activation code?

    Well, this is a 20-digit code that gives you an official license to launch and use this paid version of an effective antivirus product.

    If you purchased the code through the subscription service, perform the following procedure to successfully install Kaspersky Total Security with an activation code:

    1. In the "License" window that opens, click "Activate Application".
    2. Then in the activation window, enter the activation code received when you purchased the license. The code has only Latin letters.
    3. Click the Activate icon.
    4. In the activation window that opens, click Finish.

    Congratulations! Now You have successfully activated your subscription to Kaspersky Total Security with activation code. Now you are protected!

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