TopicGuidelines to Setup HP Envy 5546 all in one Printer

  • Wed 18th Dec 2019 - 10:52am

    HP envy 5546 is an advanced and powered sleek printing device having fast printing speed along with the best printing qualities that is the most suitable for home and office usage. The printing machine has a big advantage of dual-band Wi-Fi network connectivity. So, it can be linked with a wireless network or USB cable to computer system. It perfectly works on both normal and instant ink that is fully supported by HP envy 5546. It has amazing features like print, copy, fax, and scan, so HP envy 5546 is the best choice of today users. Let us discuss to set up HP envy 5546 printer using In addition, you can call certified printer experts.

    Are you facing technical troubles in the setup of your printing machine and finding the ways to setup HP envy 5546 all in one printer? If yes, we are going to explain some important instructions suggested by the technical experts for hp setup. In addition, online technical experts are available round the clock to help you in the right ways.

    The downloading process of HP Envy 5546 Driver for windows


    The installation procedure of HP Envy 5546 Printer’s driver software will be easy and trouble-free, if you visit envy 5546. Here, you can find out the suitable software or driver for your windows system configuration.


    The downloading procedure of HP Envy 5546 Driver for Mac


    The downloading process of HP Envy 5546 Printer’s driver software will be very simple, if you can visit You can download the most appropriate software for your Mac devices from the site and click on “software file” available on the MAC dock to start the driver installation procedure.


    Installation & Set up Process of HP envy 5546 printer


    For the installation and set up process of HP envy 5546 printer, you should install HP printer drivers from and follow the instructions to get your printing machine into working. Here, we are going to explain some important steps to setup printing machine.

    1. Unbox HP envy 5546 printer and put it over a smooth location where the power connection can read carefully.
    2. Check the contents of the box carefully, seek for the printing devices and accessories and attempt to find out the printer frills and other filling for printing procedure. Seek for printing device manually to know the functions of particular elements.
    3. Place the paper into the tray of printing machine just by pulling it softly towards you. Go next step for HP setup process.
    4. You have to connect the printing device to power cable and turn on printing device. You should link the printing machine to computer system or laptop with chosen UBS cable.
    5. Put the ink cartridges cautiously just by opening the cartridge accessing door and put the cartridge into the window and close the covers to protect it in the right location. Check that you put the black cartridge to the right and color cartridge on the left side corner.
    6. Begin Printing- When the cartridge is installed successfully. Wait for a few minutes for printing machine to print the alignment page automatically. If the printing device doesn’t print an alignment page, hit on “setup” on the printer control panel. Pick up the tools, and hit on align printer.
    7. Then, the alignment page can print correctly. Line up the cartridges for better printing services. It can be accomplished by putting the alignment page on the scanner glass.
    8. When the hardware is established successfully, you can set up HP envy 5546 printer using successfully.

    Thereby by following all these steps, you can set up HP envy 5546 printer through in the right ways. Still, if you’re facing this issue, you can call live printer technicians to get instant support or help.

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