TopicKnow your Spam Emails and Spam filters in detail

  • Tue 7th Jan 2020 - 9:50pm

    If you are working with emails then it’s too important for you to know about the Spam emails and their filter.

    Spam filters are applications which filter your emails and look for certain markers in them to determine the likelihood of the incoming email being spam.

    There are 2 types of spam filters:

    Workstation Spam Filters

    Workstation spam filters are the ones that are available in computer shops for consumers to install on their own PC’s. These spam filters work directly with your email client on your PC and don’t do any server-side processing of your emails.

    Server Spam Filters

    Server spam filters are installed directly on mail servers, which are monitoring hundreds or even thousands of mailboxes at the same time. These are usually enterprise-grade spam filters which are much more efficient at detecting spam. They are often much more complicated to set up but are also much more robust at handling emails.

    If your email provider is your web hosting company or ISP, it’s likely that they are already using an enterprise spam filter on your mailbox so there is almost no need to use a local workstation spam filter on your PC.

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