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  • Sun 10th May 2020 - 1:28pm

    Elizabeth On Her Own


    Vital alpha testo "Elizabeth" determined a process at "Camp Cooke" after she changed into tossed onto the streets by means of her father. She turned into staying out all night time even as living along with her father so she changed into already skilled to stay off the fats of the land whilst her father instructed her to go away. In September 1943 she lived with a girlfriend in Santa Barbara, Calif. And was busted for underage consuming. The police arranged her return lower back to Massachusetts.


    California Or Bust For Her


    Instant keto "Elizabeth Short" stayed in Massachusetts and Florida till May of 1946 while she packed her baggage and moved to California from Florida after a brief 10 day stopover in Chicago. She ended up at the "Washington Hotel" in Long Beach Ca.. I have not read anything about if she knew her father had moved to Los Angeles earlier than her or maybe if she had any correspondence with him after she left her fathers residence in Vallejo, Calif.. The woman have to have had plenty of money saved for her adventure.

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