Topicwebroot safe wsainstall

  • Thu 20th Jun 2019 - 8:29am

    Recognizing the Compatibility Of Device that is it meeting the requirements, that is necessary to Install Webroot Anti-Virus/ Internet Security. For this, we don’t have to worry because this term is more important for the Company who is selling the product than the Users who is going to use it. In simple words we just need to check out the Version of Operating system, Now these days we are getting all Windows device with the there latest operating system which is Windows 10. In case we have an older Desktop or Laptop we can check it by own. From Keyboard shortcut-Look on your keyboard and identify two keys, For the first one we need to look on the left most bottom row there is a “Windows key” which looks like Microsoft Windows Logo. The second one is we can find on right top in a 1st row “Pause Break”, Now we need to press both keys together and release them, we will get System Information including the Version of Operating system. For Second method we need to identify “My Computer” Icon and make a right click on it and select the last option “properties” to get the System Information.

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