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  • Mon 1st Aug 2016 - 1:14am

    Application Form



    Trap Flame


    Do you reside in the US or Canada?



    How did you hear about Rozenoir?

     Through Vessels (LOL player)


    What position are you looking to fill? (Please pick one lane)



    what is your current rank?

     Diamond 5


    Are you over the age of 16? (Do you still need your parents permission to log onto

     I am 18


    Are you able to use Voice Comms? If so, Which apply?

     I am able to use Discord, TeamSpeak, Skype, Curse Voice, and I can downlaod others if needed


    Do you Stream on Twitch?



    Do you currently still go to school? (High School/College)

     I will be starting college at FIU on August 22


    You have a Job? Or some sort of occupation? (Gamer does not count..)

     Not currently


    Are you the only one that uses your computer?



    Are you looking to play said games Casually or Competitively?



    Just so we are clear, This is a AMATEUR organization currently, so we are not offering salaries to our players. (Some financial assistance is debatable and negotiable.) Is this alright with you?

     That's fine


    Finally! The fun part! Would you mind telling us a little about yourself?

     I'm generally shy person at first, but as I get to know people I talk more. The talking I do at first is morestly about the game and how we should play it out anyways. I don't get angry when I play, and I don't go on tilt easily, I like to keep a level head. My current schedule is mostly open as long as I have prior notice to any events, the only problem is starting tomorrow I will be gone for a week, after that I'll be back to play. As far as League of Legends goes, I play a msotly passive style in lane, trying to farm up and be strong for the team, however if I see good opportunities I will make aggresive plays. I believe that my best quality as an ADC is that I team fight very well, getting the damage out when it is appropriate, and staying alive.


    And an Email we can contact you from if we like what we see? :)

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