• Tue 17th May 2016 - 5:52pm

    Please fill out the following application and email it to


    Application Form


    Epic Games id:



    Do you reside in the US or Canada?



    How did you hear about Rozenoir?



    What position are you looking to fill? (playstyle or specific role is fine)



    what is your current ELO?



    Are you over the age of 16? (Do you still need your parents permission to log onto



    Are you able to use Voice Comms? If so, Which apply?



    Do you Stream on Twitch?



    Do you currently still go to school? (High School/College)



    You have a Job? Or some sort of occupation? (Gamer does not count..)



    Are you the only one that uses your computer?



    Are you looking to play said games Casually or Competitively?



    Just so we are clear, This is a AMATEUR organization currently, so we are not offering salaries to our players. Is this alright with you?



    Finally! The fun part! Would you mind telling us a little about yourself?



    And an Email we can contact you from if we like what we see? :)


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