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  • Wed 22nd Jul 2020 - 7:31pm

    If you want your garden hose to last a long time, then you have to treat it well and store it properly. Most hose failures happen because the long tool is left coiled up non-uniformly with kinks and crimps. If a hose is stored for a long time with a kink in the same spot, that spot will become a weak point and the hose in more likely to break or fail at that point. Proper storage of your garden tools is essential to make sure they last. There are several options for garden hose storage that you can consider depending on how much room you have and how often you use your hose.

    The first choice is a garden hose hanger. This contraption starts with either a rod or a flat bar that extends out from your house, a shed, or even a tree. You can anchor the hanger on any structure that will hold the weight. The rod or bar usually extends out at least twelve inches. At the end of the bar there will be some kind of decorative slab. Imagine a shield with a long rod sticking out of the back of it near the top. The rod is attached to the house. The shield or decorative piece is there to hide the hose that hangs down behind when it is coiled over the rod or bar. The name hanger comes from the fact that the hose hangs above the ground over the bar. These storage contraptions are usually installed near the water source so that the hose can remain hooked up when it is stored. Garden hose hangers do not take up much room, but it can take a while to remove the hose from the hanger so they are best for homeowners who use their garden hoses a moderate amount.

    The second type of garden hose storage is a basket or bucket designed for the purpose. If you only use your garden hose a few times a year or if you live in an extremely cold climate where you do not want to leave the hose outdoors, you might consider a storage basket or storage bucket that you can stow in the garage or in a closet easily. The hose coils up in the bottom of the basket until it is needed. It takes a long time to put the hose away with this storage method so you should only consider it if you use your hose infrequently.

    The last garden hose storage option is a retractable storage device. Some retractable garden hose setups are manual with a handle on the side to turn the wheel and others are electric with automatic retraction. There is typically a large wheel inside a box with two exit points. One exit is for the end of the hose that connects to the water source. The other exit will be in the front for the end of the hose that you use. Most of these wheels can be removed when the lid is opened so that you can wind the hose around it. Once you have the hose tightly secured around the wheel, you can lower in back into the box being careful to put the ends of the hose through the right holes. When you want to use your hose you just pull on the end with the nozzle and it will unwind. When you want to store it you either turn the handle or push a button and the garden hose retracts. These are great for people have enough room to store the box outside and who use their hoses daily or quite often.

    Garden Hose Storage

  • Wed 22nd Jul 2020 - 7:37pm
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