TopicTips to Maintain Your Car Battery and Jump Starting Your Car

  • Fri 28th Aug 2020 - 6:02pm

    It is very important to understand how your car works. The car battery is very important, as without it, your car cannot start. Many things in your car like the clock, mobile charger and radio, work with the help of your energy box even when your car is turned off. No battery can last forever; however, proper maintenance can give it an extended life.

    Every car has its battery placed under the hood and is easy to spot it. Most car energy cells are large with either rectangular or square shaped boxes connected with two cables. These cables should be kept clean and corrosion free. If you spot small crystals or white powder on them make sure you clean them immediately with the help of a wire brush.

    Generally a battery which is a12 volt type will be made up of two 6 volt cells having positively and negatively charged lead plates and separators that are insulated. The solution inside the cell is an electrolyte which consists of two thirds distilled water and 1 third sulphuric acid. The electrolyte solution and the lead plates interact to produce a chemical energy, which in turn is converted into electric energy to produce electricity for your car.

    When handling a batteries one should be very careful and should use proper covering and clothing, gloves and goggles. A torch should be used instead of a match when working near the battery, switch off all possible electric appliances. Your car battery is likely to produce gases which are highly explosive.

    Depending on your driving ways and maintenance of your car battery, generally a car battery is replaced with a new one after every three to five years. The way you start and stop the car engine or the climatic changes also play a very important factor to determine the life span of your car battery.

    When your car is facing a starting problem, your car may need jump starting. Jumper cables are attached to a working battery and then to your car battery. The positive cable should be attached to the positive terminal of the dead energy box and then to the positive terminal of the working car battery. Now, the negative end should be attached to the negative terminal of the working car battery and the other end to a metallic part of your car engine. Make sure you do not attach the negative end of the cable to your dead battery under any circumstances. Now you can start your car engine with the help of the working energy cell. Let the engine idle for a while until you switch on the headlights of your car with your energy cell. When you turn on the lights of your car you can save the car computer from any voltage fluctuation or sparks. Once you have done all this, you can start your car with the help of your dead battery and remove all cables in reverse order. Make sure the clamps do not touch each other when removing them.

    Learning simple methods to take care of your batteries will save you from problems and will ensure your car battery has a longer life.

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  • Fri 28th Aug 2020 - 6:12pm

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